It's time to reward yourself with some "GOOD EATS"

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Getting low on most every thing.

Sausage is about all gone so is the bacon. I have been reading where pork prices are coming down. This is at the wholesale level, don't know if it will help consumers
much. Checked pork belly Friday (1-30-2015) was not good $3.70 pound skin off. He had another belly called compart (never heard of that) vendor said it was much better pork. Yeah at $4.00 something a pound it would have to be real good. I didn't order any.
But gonna have to have a bacon feast soon.

 So what I have been doing is smoking some? I have been BBQing some freezer treasures. You know like pork butt, chicken and ribs. Things I have been saving for hard times, well its time.

Pork Ribs:
These were rubbed with hoochie Mama rub from Sucklebusters. Then sauced with my own sauce. Just the way my wife likes them.

They were really good, sister in law made potato salad and wife cooked beans as side dishes.
Beef brisket:
Haven't cooked a brisket in a while. But we were having a Birthday party for my wife's mother. She was 97 years old on the 31st. Her request was for BBQ so that was what she got. It was one of those all night cooks, but worth it. All the guest were happy and I think Mom was to.

The Birthday Lady: Mrs. Helen Karam 2015

Happy 97th. Birthday Mom