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Friday, December 6, 2013

Boned and Tied

The local market had these boneless and bagged pork butts on sale. $.99 pound. Now you know I can't pass up a good deal so managed to buy several (6) I have cooked couple just as an oven roast, turned out pretty good. Moist and tender. Decided to do one in the smoke house. It was OK but nothing to write home about. I am thinking it was because the weather was cold and the smokehouse is outside. So had some trouble keeping my temp up to 250°. Trying to cook it slow hoping it would be still moist and tender. Anyway we ate it, no choice that was supper.
Rubbed with Hog Waller Seasoning:
Supper Time:

Tripped and fell

Not really cooking but will be soon. This young hog tripped and fell right in front of my bullet. Not to big I am thinking maybe 50-60 pounds. Didn't get to weight so am guessing. Dressed out nice. I can't understand why more people don't eat these wild hogs. Yeah, they are some trouble to dress and get ready for the freezer. I am going to bone this one and grind the whole thing into sausage meat. Will make several kinds I am sure. Right now she is resting  in my freezer. I don't any pictures of the dressed product. I was just to cold by the time I finished dressing her out. Here is the photo of the fresh harvest.
Bleeding Out: