It's time to reward yourself with some "GOOD EATS"

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Pork Spare Ribs Experience

I have cooked lots of ribs, both pork and beef. Some good and some not so good. But this was a surprise cook.
 My wife likes to sometime BBQ chicken, but never wants to fire off one of my smokers. So way back when she bought the most el-cheap-o kettle grill she could find. I am sure it came from wal-mart its a sunbeam brand. Anyway I wanted to smoke some spear ribs but didn't want to fire off one of the bigger smokers either. The sunbeam is setting there covered in dust and pine pollen, although it is under the patio. I says well ok then, lets give it a try. Wifes chicken always comes out good. I drag it out and give it a good bath, check it over (just to see how it works) looks simple.Air in and air out with a grate for the ribs. All I need is fire and smoke. Start my charcoal in the charcoal starter. add a few more coals and some pecan wood. Got the ribs all seasoned up and the fire going (No temp gauge).
Ribs Trimmed & Seasoned: 
 Used a temp gauge stuck through the exhaust vent,bottom air completely closed off temp was at 350°. Way hotter than I wanted was looking for about 250°. Knowing not to close the exhaust vent I did close it most of the way. Temp dropped to 300°. At this point I think what ever. After 2.5 hours I got this surprised result.I was thinking crispy critters.
Ribs just from the smoker and Saused:
 Some of the best ribs I have ever smoked, tender, moist, bite through and just the right amount of smoke. Yep I learned something, I need to cook with more heat And milder smoke. Lets have some good eats: Hope you enjoyed the story it was a fun and rewarding experiencce. Bill