It's time to reward yourself with some "GOOD EATS"

Monday, April 29, 2013

Pork its whats for dinner.

We eat lots of pork BBQ, not because we don't like other meats. Its because I don't like the price. I watch for meat sales, and beef cuts just hasn't been on sale lately. But you can bet I am watching.
 Anyway, cooked another nice pork butt over this last week end. A friend of mine who has been very sick asked if I would cook some for him. And I was pleased to do it, made us both happy.
Seasoned up with a nice dry rub (Hog Waller) pork rub from sucklebusters.
Ready to eat:
Used Hickory wood for smoke, Cooked at 325°. Took about 6 hours for internal temp to reach 190°.
Turned out really tender and moist with that wonderful smoked flavor.