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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Its time to cook

Well I am still above the grass. Doing much better.
Haven't done much cooking. It has been cold and wet with much wind. I wish I had a nice place to get my pit and smoker out of the cold wind. Being cold sure makes things tough when cooking outside. Keeping the temperature up is harder than one might think.
 I have smoked a few pork butts, using my UDS (ugly drum smoker). They turned out pretty well, at least everyone said they did and there wasn't any left. Always a good sign. Bill
Pork Butts:
Seasoned and ready for the pit

                                                      Ready to pull and have some good eats
Butts were seasoned with Sucklebusters Hog Waller Rub, You can get it here This just happens to be my choice because its good stuff.
Pit temp was 250-275 deg. I am thinking that the weather being cold didn't help. Cook time was almost 7 hours. Internal temp was 190 deg. when finished. Wrapped in foil and let rest for couple hours.

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