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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Loin Back Pork ribs

Loin back pork ribs, I don't buy these very often because of the cost per. pound.
But boy are they meaty. Makes spare ribs look like scraps. Well maybe they are,  but we sure eat a lot of them. So for us loin or baby back ribs are something special. And these were special.
I cooked them in my smoke house, I love that smoker. Its kinda set and forget it. Really easy to cook in. Although I built it to smoke my bacon and sausage with.
Anyway if you can get you some loin back ribs, try them you will be pleased.
Loin Backs rubbed and ready for smoker: These are rubbed with Hoochie Mama rub from Sucklebusters.

Loin Back Ribs in the Smokehouse: Pecan Smoke

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