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Friday, October 11, 2013

Rib Roast

I have never cook a rib roast before, so this is something new to me.
 Our Mexican store runs bone in rib eye steak on sale ever now and then $3.99 pound. There meat is always select grade.
Anyway, I asked the butcher if he could cut me a roast, no trouble he says. Brings out a whole frozen rib eye bone in. I have him cut me off 3 bones from the small end. Total cost about $23.00, I am thinking man I hope this is good.
 Here is the way it went, I didn't trim it at all left the fat cap on. I rubbed it down heavy with salt and black pepper. Left it to sit until room temp. I wanted a little smoke flavor, so headed to the smoker (400°) seared on all sides using some pecan wood. Coming off the smoker with a nice bark and some smoke flavor. I had my oven set to 325°. My new ovens also have a meat probe. Set the internal temp to 145°. (med rare) Cooked with the bone down leaving the fat cap up, thinking the rendered fat might keep the meat moist.(it did) After several hours the alarm goes off and the oven turns off. I am thing this is pretty nice device to have.
Remove from oven. Sure looks great here is the finished product. One of the best roast I have ever cooked. Came out med. rare just wonderful tender and moist.  I am now wondering if this same process might work on any beef roast
Bone in Rib Roast:


Tom Jansen said...

I made this Fantastic Rib roast with Pecan wood smoke. Best thing I have ever tasted. Anney used to like the center piece . Now she is an End / Spicey / Smokey lover. Thanks for posting this.
Tom Jansen
Castle Rock, Co.

ChileFarmer said...

Tom, thanks for posting. Its always nice to make someone happy. I to found that the mild smoke of pecan makes the rib roast extra special. Bill