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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Beef its whats for supper.

Digging around in the freezer , I found a brisket. Just looking at it, I says man I need to smoke this thing. Yep so I did.
I sure don't know how I missed seeing this brisket, but I had.
Got it all thawed out, trimmed and rubbed good with salt, pepper and garlic. This is a new rub from products. Its called SPG. Dan was kind to send me a nice sample. So here it is.
Beef Brisket Smoker ready: 
This is CAB choice 17 pound Brisket. I don't usually buy brisket this big But I had bought a case and this one was in it. Rest assured I have not bought any lately, beef is just priced to high for me right now.
 Got the UDS smoker going temp set at 275°, thin blue smoke coming from smoker. Using Royal Oak charcoal and hickory wood for heat and smoke. Man, just the smoke smell makes me hungry. Smoked until internal temp was 195°, removed from smoker, wrapped in brown paper and towel and placed in cooler to rest couple hours.
Ready to slice and dice:
I like the bark color, and the poke test was like very soft butter. So lets have a look at the inside.
Sliced, now for some taste test:
Yes its good, what more can I say, but You need to cook yourself one. As this one is now all gone. Bill


Wild Ed said...

You make me want to go buy a brisket and the days of cheap brisket are over in this part of the world. Ed

steve said...

this is a very good food made of smoking, smoking chicken is something special to eat.