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Saturday, October 27, 2012

What do we cook on ??

Equipment, ? Fancy or plain can still produce some great results. As a kid I can recall roasting birds and fish just over an open fire. And dang I thought they were pretty tasty, still do. Although I now have what I think are better cookers.
 I am really interested in knowing what other folks are using. I am always open to learning new ways of doing things. Hoping some of you will share your knowledge with me and others.
One thing I have learned about my cookers is knowing what they will do and how they do it. Getting to know your equipment is giving you more control over what you are trying to accomplish, better tasting food. And a few pats on the back and hearing Man that was good food sure helps.
 I have a stick burner side fire box and a smoke house. Each has its own use. I also use what is commonly called a UDS (ugly drum smoker) I will have more on that one in a different post.
The stick burner is just that, it heats and smokes with wood. And will make some really good BBQ. But requires tending to often to keep the temperature where you want it.
My Stick Burner.
Oklahoma Joe Original

The Smoke House.
Home built from wood, heated with gas and wood chips for smoke.

And the latest addition is the Ugly Smoker.
I must say this smoker works great. I have read about how good they were for years. But its the truth, got a 12 hour cook at 250° on 6 pounds of charcoal. And several splits of hickory wood. The secret is being able to control the fire with air control.

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