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Saturday, September 6, 2014

All Beef Sausage

Yeah I know beef is priced way out there about now. But I had some in the freezer that needed to be used. I buy all I can or all that I can afford at the time, when it is on sale. So, I am thinking (gets me in trouble when I do that) why not some beef sausage. So hear goes, first I cut the brisket like cutting steaks. I did this so the fat would be easier to trim. I wanted to weigh the fat and the lean to see what the ratio was. I wanted at least 1/3 rd  fat. Brisket being a fat laden cut of beef I didn't have any idea how much fat was in this brisket.
Cut Brisket like Steak:
Trimmed most of the fat:
Not knowing at the time I could of save all this trimming. Fat and lean was just right.
 Notice that the meat and fat are cut into chunks. I do this, then add my spices and mix before grinding.
After grinding I mix again. I think doing this makes for a better mix.
Ground, Spice mixed, Ready to stuff :
Now I discover I don't have casings. I was to let the sausage sit over night in the cooler and also soak my casing over night. Can't buy casings local. So start thinking again, yeah, I know. Off to the Mexican store, I know the manager and they make sausage. I was able to beg enough casings for this batch.
Stuffed and ready for smoker:
I forgot to take photos of the sausage being smoked. I used hickory for the smoke slow smoke because the sausage was cured. Smoked until sausage was 150 deg. Remove sausage and give a cool bath to stop the cooking. Hang in cool place to dry and bloom. Then can be packaged for freezer.
Freezer ready:
15 pounds of ready to eat all Beef sausage.
Brisket Sausage

Slice Brisket as for steak, trim fat, weigh fat and lean meat. Sausage meat should be 1/3 fat.
For a smoked sausage use a cure number 1,   rate:       1 teaspoon  to  5 pounds of meat.
Spice Mix
For 7-8 pounds meat

3 Ts course ground black pepper.
2 Ts ground cumin
4 Ts Chile powder
4 Ts crushed red pepper
2 Ts whole mustard seed
2 Ts pepper corns
3 Ts dry mustard
1 Ts onion powder
11/2 Ts salt

3 Ts brown sugar

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