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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Another Bacon Story

I can not lie, I love Bacon.Been out of good bacon for a while, we have been having to eat store bought bacon. That is some bad eats, but better than nothing? Not sure about that. Finely found some pork belly that was not priced like gold. They were a little thin around the edges, price $2.08 pound. Had to buy a whole case (four to a case) but my friend took two. So that left me with two. They weighed about 12.5 pounds each before trimming. I cured and smoked the whole belly's, the trimmings will be used for seasoning meat. I did my brown sugar dry cure for 12 days. I cold smoked these with my new A -Maz-N smoker using hickory wood pellets. Smoke time was 8 hours. Happy to say the Smoker worked great. I am now a happy Bacon eater. You Can Do This. Thanks Bill
The new Smoker:

Cured Bacon ready for Smoke:
The A-Maze-N Smoker in action:
Hickory Smoked:
Yeah Man, Good Eats:


Mark Crigler said...

Bill, they look great. And you know they really don't give us access to the greatest of pork bellies. So homemade bacon may not look as good as store bought, but you don't eat the appearance factor. Yours trimmed up very nicely, and I for see some very nice bean pot and Mac and Cheese in your future.

Ed Thomas said...

Looks great and with the price of bacon these days homemade is the way to go.
Wild Ed

Felice Morin said...

This looks deliciously appetizing to say the least. I spent a Summer smoking salmon in alaska so now every time I smell the scent of those wood chips my mouth starts watering. I love to find great ideas like this one. I can't wait to try it, thanks for sharing!