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Saturday, August 8, 2015

Dino Bones

Beef ribs again per wife's request. But I like them also. I am still buying my ribs from our local mexican store. That is the only place I find beef ribs with meat on them. They are not cheap on sale, $3.95 pound. Untrimmed just like they came off the cow.
 Meaty Beef Ribs:
You won't find ribs like these in you local market, at least not walmart and other super markets.Got them trimmed up and ready.
 I rubed these with salt, black pepper and garlic powder. Let them rest the night in ice box. Then on to the smoker, smoking with hickory wood. Smoking indirecte on the kettle smoker at 275°. Although it was up to 300° couple times.
One hour in the smoker:
Now its just a waiting game. Beef ribs are a tough piece of meat, so is takes about 6 or so hours cooking time. As one of my friends says, don't rush it, it's ready when its ready.
Ready to chow down:
Plate full of rib:

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