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Saturday, August 8, 2015

I have a new Smoker!!!

My wife is the most lucky person I know of. Some time ago we both bought tickets from the local American Legion to win a new pistol. I bought 5 tickets wife bought 1. Yep, she won the pistol, 357 S&W hammerless, stainless steel engraved. Worth about $750.00.
 Several weeks ago she calls from the casino in La. I just won a large Big Green Egg smoker. Do you want it? I say heck yeah, I have never cooked on one but know people that do, and they say that it is one great smoker. So now we have a new smoker.
 Guess what it just got delivered, in a box and unassembled. So after more time than I want to admit to I finally got it put together.
Test Run:
Thin Blue Smoke:
Moving up to 250°:
Loin back ribs:
Finished, time to test:
Nice smoker I like it, just the right size for the wife and I. Past the taste test. I just had to throw on one wild hog sausage for me. Wife doesn't care for them.

 Really need to say this "Lucky", calls again from the casino. I just won a riding lawn mower, it will be delivered in couple weeks. I sure hope it is assembled.

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