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Sunday, December 20, 2015

My First Tri-Tip

Smoked my first Tri-Tip on the Big Green Egg. First off  it came out being one of the best chunks of Beef I have ever eaten. I can tell you I was kinda spooked not ever smoked this cut of meat before.  But after doing some reading and talking with some forum members, I said OK lets do this.
 This is how things happened:
I already had the meat trimmed of most of the fat and all the silver skin. I seasoned with Fiesta Brand Uncle Chris steak seasoning with added course ground black pepper. Then wrapped the whole thing in plastic wrap and placed in the refrigerator over night and most of the next day.
Removed from refrigerator and let come to room temperature.
 Fired up the smoker to 550°-600° , using oak lump charcoal. Placed meat on the grill over direct heat and seared each side for about 3 min. Removed from heat and wrapped in foil.
Now I have to cool down the smoker to 350° to do the finish cooking. Added couple chunks of hickory wood to the fire for flavor and placed heat deflector over fire. Smoked until internal temperature was 135° remove from smoker, wrap to Finish at 140°, med. rare. Slice across the grain  and enjoy some mighty good smoked beef. Thanks Bill
Note: Should of done a reverse sear, cook at 350° then crank up the heat to sear after cook.
Reason being it takes forever to cool this smoker down but the heat comes up really fast.


Just off the smoker:
Sliced and ready for good eats:

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